Boost Immunity with Jade Windscreen Powder

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about strengthening my immune system. For good reason. Besides being a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I am also a RN currently caring for COVID-19 patients in the ICU. I’m currently seeing patients remotely via tele-medicine. I understand that wearing my “issued” N95 mask, proper hand washing, not touching my face, and social distancing are my primary protection against exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19). I also make sure I am covering the “basics” that should happen everyday even without a global health epidemic in progress. By eating right, exercising, and staying rested as much as I can, considering the stress of the extreme stress of the Coronavirus situation and my busy work schedule.

Another basic thing I've added to my daily routine recently, is taking the Chinese herbal formula Jade Windscreen Powder. This is considered the classic formula for immunity in Chinese Medicine. Its Chinese pinyin name is Yu Ping Feng San. In pin yin, yu ping translates to “windscreen”. Doctors named it this because they believed it formed “a solid screen that protected the body” from the elements of the external environment. Chinese authorities relied heavily on this formula during the SARS outbreak across China and Hong Kong in 2003.

Jade Windscreen consists of only three herbs. The chief herb in the formula is Astragalus Root (Huang Qi), which is considered the number one immune-supporting herb in Chinese Medicine. The other two herbs in the formula, White Atractylodes Rhizome (Bái Zhú), and Saposhnikovia root (Fáng Féng) work together to enhance the effects of the chief herb and strengthen the exterior defensive layer of the body. This famous herbal formula combination strengthens Qi (energy) and the body’s defensive layer. Here is a scientific study about the immune-boosting benefits of Yu Ping Feng San SCIENTIFIC STUDY.

Very few Chinese herbal formulas can be taken without the guidance of an herbalist. Such as Gan Mao Ling that I discussed in my last post (also a relevant herbal formula in the face of COVID-19). So, please consult with a licensed Chinese herbalist before taking Jade Windscreen Powder to have your unique pattern diagnosed and to see if Jade Windscreen Powder is right for you. Stay safe everyone!

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