What's an acupuncture appointment like?

Acupuncture is easy and has multiple benefits. Not only are you getting treatment specific to your condition, but you're also getting assisted relaxation that is beneficial to everyone. You lay down, get into the relaxing meditative state for 30 to 45 minutes, and have a practitioner care for you. Who wouldn't want this weekly or bi-weekly?~Dr Naoi

Treatments are one hour long. They start with a patient interview where you will be asked if you have stopped or started any new medication prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, or herbs since your last treatment or what you are taking if you are a new patient. You will also be asked detailed questions regarding: Whether you feel warm or cold generally; How thirsty you are; What types of food you eat, What your digestion is like, and specific questions about your bowel movements; How much energy you have; What your sleep patterns are like; How you are feeling emotional; etc.

A tongue assessment will be performed to determine your internal state of homeostasis; the color, coat, and various other characteristics of your tongue will be taken into account. Then you will be asked to lie down and relax on the treatment table and your Chinese pulses will be taken on both wrists to further determine your internal state. Your blood pressure and temperature will also be taken.

The results of your interview questions, tongue, pulse, and physical exam will be used to formulate an acupuncture treatment specifically for you. Your treatment may likely include a prescribed herbal formula if indicated and possibly, other modalities such as: Shiatsu, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, and/or Fire Cupping.

The goal during the acupuncture treatment is to work on balancing your internal state, providing you with a period of relaxation, possibly providing you with immediate relief, and the goal overtime, is to assist you in a complete recovery.

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